Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Once Upon an Adventure!

Felicity had just gon to sleep when she was awakened by a noise. She was in a castle, and right in front of her there was a king! "Ah, I see you have sneeked in to steel something, haven't you?" he said. "NO, NO, I diden't." she siad. "You diden't eh? Well, I need a maid and she needs to be young. You will be doine my son's room, okay?" "Ya, ya, ya, yes sir, when shall I start?" "Right now! he repliad. "Son, will you show her you're room?" he called. At that moment a bright young boy about 10 years old apeard. "Yes father." he siad. "Follow me." When they were in the hall he asked, "What's you're name?" "Felicity" she siad shortly. He looked around. "I command you to go get some sleep." He smiled. The next time she woke up she was in the Dungen, and the king was lafing. He left. How she got out, I don't know. She met a girl named 'Elie Pie' called Elie for short. They became best friends. Then Eli made a plan to help Felicity. The plan was that Felicity would be sent to an orfanage near the jungle and she would go threw the jungle to get to Elie. Then they would go to town and disguise Felicity. All worked according to plan until they went to town. "The king is here!" Felicity gasped. "Hide over behind those boxes!" Elie whispered. Felicity went behind a box and there it was, open as can be. "I'll hide in there and close it." She thout. Somehow hours later Felicity married the prince and of course, they lived happily ever after.
The end

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Why I Think the Economy is Getting Worse

I think the economy is getting worse 'cause' people are so careless and don't care about other people, and men aren't gentlemen and women aren't ladies. If there are any, there are very few and I think more herble things are so much tastyer and helthyer, and if people weren't so greedy things would be much safer too. That's all I have to say about that.

Forrest also said, "Life is like a box of chochlets. You never know wach yu gona get."